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Keeping your place clean is very important, whether it is your house or office. Besides the beautiful atmosphere, it is healthier if you occupy clean room. Nowadays it is hard to find enough free time, so it is easier to hire a professional cleaning company that will get the job done for you. If you live in Montclair, NJ or in the area, there is no better company than Rest & Relax Cleaning. For the last 10 years, we have been helping people by providing excellent office and house cleaning services.

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I am totally satisfied by your services! You work really fast and efficiently. My house looks much better now! Thank you!!

We provide top level office cleaning serviceOur contractors are highly trained and professional. They have years of experience in delivering quality cleaning services. Also, they use quality chemicals and materials only. That way you can be sure your place will be shiny and sparkly. So, if you want to take advantage of our quality cleaning services, you need just one phone call. Set an appointment today by calling our house cleaning specialists right now on (973) 783-7777.

Our contractors provide house cleaning as professionally done as office cleaning. They will clean your office in order to provide healthy working conditions for your employees. The clean atmosphere increases the productivity of your stuff. And we guarantee that you will be amazed by our office cleaning services. We work quickly and efficiently, without leaving even a stain.

Give is 1% of your trust and we’ll earn the other 99.

Take advantage of our excellent cleaning serviceDid you know that a dirty room contains a lot of allergens and dust that can cause many problems such as allergies and respiratory diseases? It doesn’t matter what type of service you want – house or commercial cleaning, you can always rely on our company. Rest & Relax Cleaning will never let you down because puts your needs first. Also, you can be sure that you will not pay any hidden fees and charges because, for us, the honesty is something really important. Our contracts are completely transparent, and we keep our prices as low as possible in order to provide complete customer service. Our cleaning company is one of the finest in the area.

Whether you need residential or commercial cleaning, don’t hesitate to contact Rest & Relax Cleaning. Bet on the professionals and you won’t regret it. Our cleaning company will help you no matter where in Montclair, NJ you live. Just give us a call right now on (973) 783-7777.