Types of cleaning services to consider when relocation to a new property

Moving to a new property is usually pretty expensive and time consuming. So, you better prepare a budget plan a month or two before the date of your home relocation. Contrary to the common opinion, the most expensive part of switching properties is not the movers service but the cleaning one. This is because the process is quite intense and involves a lot or labor and detergents, which can cost a lot. No matter which cleaning company in Montclair, NJ you hire, you will have to pay a bill which will affect your family finances. All of them, however, offer different cleaning services which is a bit confusing when you have no experience with hiring professional janitors.

The most common services expert companies offer for people who are relocating are:

  • Spring cleaning
  • Deep home cleaning
  • End of lease/Move out cleaning
  • Move in cleaning
  • One-off home cleaning
  • Hourly based janitorial service

It does not really matter which one you will chose, as they are basically the same. They all cover a top-to-bottom property cleaning and wet area sanitizing. What you should pay attention to, however, is if they include cleaning of the kitchen appliances, window cleaning, or carpet shampooing. Some maid service providers do not offer these extras, while others always include them in the deep cleaning service quote they send.

Bear in mind that even if your carpets or rugs look nice, they are most probably full of bacteria or dust that you better remove, especially if you have kids who will play around the house. No matter the charge, it is better to ask your cleaning company to take care of that before you bring in all of your furniture. If you decide to do it, however, make sure you arrange the steam cleaning at least a day before your stuff gets delivered. That will give your carpets the necessary time to dry completely. If the rug cleaners are booked for the same day when your removal van delivers your stuff, your carpeted floors may be still a bit damp and sticky and you may not be able to unpack your stuff properly.

If you hire a reputable cleaning company, like Rest & Relax Cleaning you will ever have such problems, of course, as we will make sure to organize everything properly, within the desired deadline!